We are a family.

Awakening Church exists because a community of people have decided to love one another, and walk together through life. Our church has been gathering in the city of Warman for 15 years, and our mission is simple: to enjoy the love of Christ, to celebrate His accomplishments, to discover the Kingdom, and to invite the whole world to the party!

When we call each other family, we aren't over-using a religious cliché. We have become a family because our relationships are built on the foundation of unconditional love. Trust and acceptance grow in an environment where people have chosen to be vulnerable with one another. We include others because Jesus made us belong long before we believed.

God is good!

We love our region. We believe in our nation! We make a difference through serving as ambassadors of another world. In the light of the Gospel, we are glowing with good news. Jesus really loves us! God is really good. We're so thankful for grace. We believe we best represent Jesus when we're proud of His accomplishments instead of touting our own.

We know hope is being restored to our surrounding culture. As we embody the joy and peace we've experienced, we're invited into opportunities to influence others! We want to work with our government and local businesses. God has a unique and specific plan for Saskatchewan, and for the Sask Valley in particular. We're so thankful we're part of it.

We gather in Warman, SK on Sundays at 10:30AM.